The Drummer’s Journey: Following the Footsteps of Ulrich and Barker

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Lars Ulrich, probably the most famous drummer of all time, is not Metallica’s most famous member. But he is the beating heart of that band. He was responsible for pushing Metallica to create music like they used to, which resulted in Death Magnetic. He’s also the most outspoken member of the group. It’s just a few things being a drummer can afford you, and how could it not? Drum beats are what moves crowds in rock concerts. It’s literally the part of the music that people nod their heads too, those bass beats and that classic hi-hat-snare combo.

There’s also Travis Barker, the only drummer who comes close to Lars Ulrich when it comes to fame. His music is a little less extreme than Ulrich. Blink 182 is a punk rock band, and Metallica is a godfather of metal. But, Travis made a mark nonetheless. His personal style and his ability to make a pop song out of a drum beat is unparalleled in popular rock. He’s also a personality much like Lars, and his influence has extended far into the punk multi-verse.

Unleashing the Beat

Drumming is a primal thing for humans. Before it’s even used in music, drumming was a part of several traditions of unconnected cultures. So, when there’s an activity across tribes and peoples who don’t know each other but is seemingly doing the same thing, you know that drumming is an innate musicality inside people. There are several ways to appreciate drum music. There’s the obvious one, listen to rock music. The evolution of drum beats is at the very least, a fascinating one. Early jazz musicians are true pioneers of blast¬†; beats and dance-worthy rhythms. They were so good that these drummers deserve to be mentioned alongside Thelonius Monk, Miles Davis and other jazz greats.

You can also take drum lessons, which is more satisfying. Your first steps into the drumming world is like your first foray into a history lesson. There are so many periods in time when drummers defined eras and movements. The 60s and 70s were the golden age of rock, which was also the golden age of drumming. Not only were drummers becoming key into burgeoning musical genres, they were becoming cornerstones of rock as well. Keith Moon is one man, but his effects in the rock music as a whole is unparalleled. Nobody mixed skill and craziness better than he did, and he was crazy good and crazy crazy

Who can forget the story of his Rolls-Royce in the pool? Not just any ground pool, but a hotel pool high up in the sky.

Paving Your Own Way

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What made the most famous drummers memorable wasn’t just that they were in a famous band. They paved their way by being creative, by introducing a fresh head-banging beat the people have never heard before. Dave Lombardo introduced double-pedal blast beats to thrash metal, Tony Allen introduced afrobeats to the American audience, and Buddy Rich ripped a hole through time even though he was holding drumsticks the old way! Pioneering is hard, but if you want to make a mark, it’s what you have to do.

There’s never been a crowd that wasn’t moved by a good drummer. You’ll also be your band’s director, in a way. What’s not to like?

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