Singaporeans are Unhappy with Their Current Work: Here are Jobs with High Satisfaction Rates

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The jobs are easy to come by in Singapore. Compared to its neighbours in Southeast Asia, the city-state of five million people has a relatively low unemployment rate. Although there is a significant disparity between fields and roles, the average pay for workers is one of the highest in Asia.

Career Satisfaction: Many Singaporeans Unhappy with Their Jobs

However, a number of adults are unhappy with their current work. In one survey, nearly half of Singaporeans would not endorse their organization and employer as good. For comparison, across the Asia Pacific region, 76% are content with their current companies.

Singaporeans also expressed low motivation at work. The survey also revealed a 72% engagement rate among workers based on the island which, while high, still falls short of the 82% in neighbouring Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

According to experts, the reasons for job unhappiness among Singaporeans include the lack of challenge and career trajectory. Given more responsibilities can renew their passion for their field and inspire them to work harder.

In some cases, however, promotion is not enough. They may need to transfer to a new career or industry where they will find their purpose and satisfaction.

A mid-life shift to a new profession will not be easy. Some may have to go back to school or undergo a traineeship programme to gain the necessary experience and skills needed to succeed.

Here are the jobs with the highest satisfaction rate, according to surveys.



Not everyone likes dentists because the profession involves procedures that often cause pain and discomfort. People go to the dentist when they experience a toothache, for example, and need to get an extraction. Even preventative care can get uncomfortable as patients spend the entirety of the visit with their mouths wide open.

However, despite the negative reputation that the profession gets, dentists enjoy what they do. They have one of the highest satisfaction rates across the entire workforce. Many have their own private practice and work with a small staff, but they get paid handsomely to diagnose and treat teeth and gum problems.

Other jobs that are related to dentistry bring high satisfaction, too. Those who work as dental hygienists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons are quite happy with what they do.

Human Resource Manager

The role of the human resource manager is to oversee the well-being of the employees within the company. They are responsible for addressing the conflict between two or more people within the office, and they work with employers to provide a positive working environment.

Moreover, they also take care of the recruitment, interview, and hiring of employees.

The human resource manager is quite pleased with their roles. The advocate for the employee and act as a mediator whenever there are disagreements. Their job, therefore, presents different challenges regularly.

People who work under human resources are also happy with their roles. HR specialists and recruiting managers also value the work they do in the office,


The work of a nurse can be exhausting. They often work long hours and, as the world has witnessed during the pandemic, their health is on the line. Being a nurse, or any healthcare professional, has risks. Because they care for people who are sick, there is the possibility that they, too, will get sick. However, the career has a high satisfaction rate.

Aiding people who are in need of medical attention until they get better creates feelings of contentment. Their days are spent helping others which, according to experts, improve mental health despite the often gruelling hours. It also does not hurt that, in Singapore at least, nurses receive generous pay. There is also a high demand for nurses everywhere which ensures job security.

Other healthcare professionals, including physicians, physical therapists, surgeons, and even healthcare executives and administrators are proud of what they do.


The public has high regard for firefighters. They risk their own safety to save the lives of others. They are heroes who choose to help people every day despite the dangers that the job entails.

Firefighters are happy with their responsibilities. They receive generous pay, but they also go through rigorous training in order to respond to emergency situations.

Of course, no job will be satisfying if your passing lies somewhere else. You can be the prime minister but, if you want to do something else, then you would not be happy with your work. The key to happiness is neither pay nor a prestigious title (although those can certainly help) but a genuine interest and love for what you do.

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