Life Hacks 101: Why Streamlining Your Life is the Key to Better Mental Health

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People love to talk about how they lack time to better care for their mental health. Our responsibilities at home and work take away all of their freedom and ability to rest, enjoy, and live life to the fullest. It can be quite difficult to accomplish all the tasks due at the end of the day and not feel overwhelmed with even the simplest decisions you need to make back home. If only there is a way to make life a little less complicated, then maybe we will have more time to practice self-care, be healthier, and enjoy the things that make us happy. Thankfully, a lot of tech innovations we have nowadays make it easy to streamline our life, so we can finally take better care of our mental health.

On Mental Health: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

Our mental health matters since it influences our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We are already stressed out with all the things happening in our life. When the pandemic came, it only increased our stress tenfold.

Many of us had to start working at home, with no preparation on how to balance home responsibilities with our jobs. Some fail to create a clear boundary while others are simply having a hard time trying to make work-life balance work. Others lost their jobs, putting them at a financial strain.

Social distancing made us miss our colleagues, family, and friends. Even an innocent trip downtown is enough to make us wary of catching the virus. For those who lost a loved one or knows someone close who is currently battling the virus, it was enough to bring them to a state of anxiety and depression.

If we don’t take time to take care of ourselves mentally, it will be quite easy to be anxious, depressed, and burned out. Our productivity at work and home will suffer, and it will be hard to make wise decisions. We also won’t be able to provide our loved ones with the kind of support they need.

Better Mental Health Through Streamlining

Streamlining allows us to simplify our life, so we can focus on more important responsibilities. Even if we are only streamlining a couple of simple tasks, this can be enough to free us with enough time to better indulge in self-care. The more time we have left in our hands each day, the easier it will be to do the things that make us happy.

Remember that everything we do takes energy. It takes energy to be happy, pursues a passion, and learn a new skill or two. The more things we streamline and the more physical, mental, and emotional clutter we get to let go of, the healthier we will be mentally.

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Three Tasks Anyone Can Streamline

Thankfully, there are lots of tasks we can quickly and safely streamline. Some are tools and apps free to use, while others require a bit of investment that pays off in the end. If you are ready to streamline your life, then you can start with the following.

  • Say Hello to Home Automation

By automating your home, you can accomplish tons of tasks without using much of your energy. Investing in the right technology allows you to play your favorite music, control your lights, or search for something on the internet by simply using your voice. You get to feed your pet on time even if you are far away, control your home’s temperature and even welcome your guests inside the house by giving them access remotely.

The type of convenience you can enjoy will depend on the technology you are willing to invest in. These can help improve your quality of life by giving you peace of mind and ease of access. You get to control your home even when you are miles away and ensure your property is safe against intruders.

  • Automate Your Finances

Many would agree that they are terrible at budgeting, saving, and paying their dues on time. It is quite easy to forget when your debts and other costs are due. But it is even easier to spend more than what you can afford and accumulate debt.

Automating your finances allows you to save a portion of your income each month so you can start consistently saving money. It can pay your bills for you on time so you will never have to worry about late fees and other repercussions. It can even help you manage your finances so you can finally stick to your budget.

  • Simplify Your Meal Planning

It is difficult trying to keep track of everything you eat by hand. It is even harder to try to think of how much calories there is in every ingredient you add to your dishes. Meal planning and thinking of your daily meals is another task no one is keen on making.

Simplify your meal planning with the help of meal planning apps, food diaries, and calorie counters. Now, you can easily track how many calories you need and how much you have consumed throughout the day.

These days, one only needs to invest in the right technology to make their life a lot less complicated. These may seem like a luxury to most. But if these can make you happy, a lot less anxious or worried, and can boost your mental health, then they become a must-have.

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