Cheat Day: Cutting Down On Your Calories While Still Having Fun

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Throughout most of our lives, eating and maintaining a well-balanced diet is one of the primary ways of having a healthy body and lifestyle. Of course, there’s more to having a healthy lifestyle than just having nutritious meals every day; individuals will also need to start having an active lifestyle.

But contrary to what most people believe in, diet and nutrition will play a significant role in having a healthy and high-functioning body and an active lifestyle. In fact, most experts would say that nutrition and diet are more important in having a healthier body. But even though nutrition might be necessary, that doesn’t mean that you should leave exercise out of the equation. Having a delicate balance between exercise and diet can keep your body in peak condition.

However, having a strict exercise and diet regimen is easier said than done. When most individuals are going on a diet, they’ll need to start making major changes to their lifestyle, including phasing out the calorie and sugar-rich food that might cause complications to your health or exercise routine. In most cases, this will usually come in the form of fiber and protein-rich meat and vegetables, such as roasted chicken breasts and salads.

Most would say that these aren’t necessarily the “tastiest” choice when journeying towards a more healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, people can still have a scheduled break from their usual strict diet routine by having a cheat day. This schedule break is essential in having a healthy diet.

So what makes cheat day such an essential part of having a healthy lifestyle? What are some good ways of practicing “cheat” day without compromising your healthy diet? Here are some critical ways in maintaining a good balance of diet and exercise.

What Makes Cheat Day Important?

But before anything else, what makes cheat day such an important part of your strict diet regimen? Isn’t eating guilty pleasures like pizza and desserts counter-intuitive to having a better lifestyle? Why not just stick towards having a healthy set of meals?

Although most people might think that having a cheat day might compromise a strict diet, it’s beneficial to the human body. In fact, many health advisers would say that an adequately scheduled cheat day is a great way of losing weight since this can reduce the tendency to binge out on food, reduce cravings, and provide a much-needed mental break from the demands of going on a diet. This can effectively boost the overall metabolism of the individual. However, many individuals will still need to be cognizant that this needs to be done healthily and adequately for it to work.

Still, it’s important to remember that each of us has our unique biological makeup and body structure. That said, our bodies will have their own nutritional needs, and you’ll need to have a workout regimen and a diet that’s directly catered towards your needs. Fortunately, health coaching professionals are well-versed in nutritional needs and improving your overall health. If you’re looking to have a more active and healthier lifestyle, change should start now, and having professional help is the best way of expediting the process.

But other than getting professional advice, what are some healthy treats that you can have during cheat days? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

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Protein-rich Breakfast and Brunch

First and foremost, you might want to start your day with just the right amount of energy with some breakfast that’s packed with protein. One of the most popular types of breakfasts that you can start with is homemade pancakes. Some would suggest using a bit of wheat, coconut flour, and some nuts is an excellent way of cutting down on sugary carbs. In some cases, people use whey protein powder if they’re keen on bulking up.

Still, you’ll need to avoid drowning your pancakes with too many syrups or sugary jams since this can cause problems in the long run.

Low-carb Cauli Rice

For many individuals, especially those that require a good amount of calories for their daily needs, potatoes and rice can be hard to give up. Although these staple food might be nutritious, they can also be jam-packed with carbohydrates. What’s an excellent alternative to this? Most would suggest low-carb rice made from cauliflower.

This dish is known for being quite popular among vegan communities since this can help with weight loss and be tasty. Cauliflower is also known for being one of the most nutritious vegetables in the market, which means it’s usually readily available among grocery stores.

As you can see, there’s nothing wrong with going on a cheat day once in a while. As long as your eating is nutritious and can give your body the much-needed energy it needs, then having an adequately scheduled cheat day can definitely work to your advantage. This will create a healthy relationship with food and can help you appreciate food better.

Of course, you’ll need to closely monitor your weight and change up your diet to ensure that you’re on the right track. If you’re unsure where you can start with your diet, you can always consult a registered dietitian or any medical professional that’s well-versed in this field. Remember: you don’t have to sacrifice your happiness to have a healthy body.

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