Best Ideas to Invest That Don’t Involve Stocks

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When people talk about investment, the first thing they hear is stocks. However, not everyone has the patience of even the mindset to get into stocks. Aside from that, the recent GameStop situation showed us that stocks could go sour fast. Luckily, stocks aren’t your only option. Some alternatives have more certainty and can be better suited to your profile.

For those that are considering the next step in their career or want to improve their financial situation, you can give these investment options a try.

Money Market

For those whose profiles are on the more conservative side, a money market fund is a great way to invest without the risk of losses. It is a type of mutual fund that is generally used for short-term investment. This has a higher interest rate than savings accounts, and it can be easily liquidized when needed.

These are often invested in securities. For instance, government ones often go to treasuries and debts that the government is paying. Therefore, there is generally a constant increase in returns for it because it is constantly being traded. Losses are sporadic for the money market, but when it does occur, it is quite minimal. However, the gains are smaller than what you’d get for stocks.

If you are starting with investing, this is an excellent place to start. It requires minimal management, and you won’t be losing too much of your money if the value goes down. This is also an excellent way to diversify your options.


One thing that people who are already financially secure do is peer-to-peer lending. It is similar to what banks do, minus all the bureaucracy in between. This method is a tried and true practice that dates back to the beginning of time. Lending also comes with high returns because you are profiting off interests as well.

Banks act as middle-man, so they gain a portion for every loan. With private loaners, you can earn the entire interest. Besides that, you will also indirectly help other people because securing loans from private lenders is generally more accessible.

The best way to ensure that you don’t crash while lending is to have a limit. Only have a fixed amount that you will be lending to others. That way, you won’t be jeopardizing your funds. You should also be more careful with your due diligence as well. If you know someone has a history of not paying their dues, you should avoid transactions with these individuals.

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Real Estate

Everyone’s favorite has to be real estate investing. Owning your land and property comes with a variety of benefits in the future. The value will continuously appreciate, and the property itself can be used in a variety of ways. What’s great about it is that even if you don’t plan on selling it off, it can still be used as a personal home.

One of the most significant assets of a property is its demand. There will always be people looking for permanent homes where they don’t have to pay exorbitant rent. In fact, the growth of the housing industry continued to rise even during the pandemic. Experts predict that the housing price index will even increase by 5.7 percent this year. When maintained properly, this can be one of your greatest assets.

If you want to use the property to generate income, you can rent it to tenants. There are a lot of students and working individuals who are looking for new places to stay. You can even try to go beyond that and convert it into a commercial rental space.


Are you confident in your managerial and financial skills? If so, then running a business is a good option. Unlike the past investments, this one cannot be done by just anyone. You need knowledge and a specific set of skills to succeed. It would also require a lot more work, but the returns when you succeed can set you up for early retirement.

Unlike being an employee, you don’t necessarily have to work the same full-time shift to be a successful business owner. Because of this, it is a popular option for generating passive income. You don’t necessarily have to build it from scratch, either. Finding a good franchise can simplify the process. Some of them would scout out the best location, and they will be providing most of the goods and supplies. With this, you already have a name to work with.

With these ideas in mind, you can decide on what you can invest in and earn more. You don’t even have to limit yourself to one option, as long as you plan them properly.

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