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Since COVID-19 is still raging across the world, it’s the healthiest option for us to do all of our shopping online, where face-to-face interaction with others remains limited. Thankfully, there are plenty of tech tools to make virtual shopping a more convenient experience. Here are some apps, websites, and other online tools to help make shopping from home easier.

Review platforms

Studies show that 90 percent of consumers won’t purchase a product or a service if the online reviews are bad. If you’re one of these 9 out of ten shoppers, consider logging on to different review platforms like Bazaarvoice, Mzinga, Yotpo, Pluck, Reevoo, Trustpilot, Feefo, PowerReviews, and Rivio.

These platforms were created for the sole purpose of providing shoppers and consumers with spaces where they can post customer feedback and reviews in real-time. These are places where customers can interact directly with merchants, providing marketers insight into customer sentiment. If you’re someone who checks reviews first before adding to your cart, check out these review platforms first.

Supermarket reservations

There are apps now that allow consumers to reserve a time slot at the grocery store or supermarket, especially when they are crowded. At a time when we need to avoid large crowds, apps like OpenTable now allow shoppers to book a time slot to help prevent heavy traffic in stores. If the idea of walking into a crowded supermarket gives you anxiety, check OpenTable for their partner supermarkets and opt to reserve a slot there instead.

Shopping rewards

Explore payment solutions that provide rebates and incentives, like virtual prepaid, which removes the need for physical interaction, and classic prepaid, which can be spent wherever Mastercard and Visa are accepted. Many businesses now employ these payment solutions because they can help customers, contractors, employees, participants, and other channel partners earn greater value for their spending.

Secondhand bargain stores

eBay is known as the bargain juggernaut in the world of e-commerce, but there are plenty of alternatives where secondhand bargains are concerned. Here is a list of some of the best online thrift stores in the United States:

  • Swap
  • Luxury Garage Sale
  • Shop GoodWill
  • Vestiaire Collective
  • ThredUP
  • Refashioner
  • Poshmark
  • LePrix
  • Worn Wear Patagonia
  • Rebag
  • Material World
  • Grailed
  • Tradesy

And these are just for the clothes! There are also a lot of alternative platforms for electronics and other sought-after items. You don’t always need to drop by the department store to buy new clothes or other items; many online secondhand thrift stores provide quality items and the best bang for your buck.

Digital wish lists

Wisher is an app that provides users the space to post their wish lists online. Think Twitter, but for your most desired items and gift requests. Wisher is a social networking app at its heart, but it’s also a great way to buy gifts for your loved ones that you’re sure they would love. It’s also much like a gift registry in that you’ll know if a certain gift has already been purchased for them.

Price comparison platforms

One of the most time-consuming things is online shopping, especially when we’re making big-ticket purchases or buying something we care so much about. Save yourself time and energy using the Camelizer plugin, which helps you check the entire price history of the products you’re looking to buy. It can help you understand how the prices rise and drop and might help you wait a bit more until the price drop is at its lowest.

Another tool is the app PriceSpy, which gives consumers accurate price comparisons in real-time. They allow for push notifications and even e-mail updates whenever the item the shoppers are looking for drops in price.

Virtual gift cards

Digital vouchers are the ideal gift for your friends and family who are just so hard to find gifts for. The app Zeek sells digital gift cards that are available for all sorts of retailers and merchants—and the best part is that these vouchers are usually at a discount.

Voucher code finders

Coupons can help consumers save money, but there’s nothing more stressful than shopping during COVID-19 and fumbling through countless vouchers and coupons at the checkout counter. The app Honey helps users find various voucher codes for all kinds of retailers and shops without digging themselves. Many retailers would even do the searching themselves.

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The Bottom Line

Online shopping need not be stressful during this time of pandemic and recession. There are plenty of tech tools at your disposal to help make shopping a breeze in 2021.

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